About Us

With a ton of photographers flooding the market (and some of them with no training or experience) we would like to take a minute and tell you about us and why we do what we do.

Jessie and Brian met at BGSU in 2002 in a photography class, Jessie was a VCT major coring in Photography and Brian was an Architect student. Already their lives centered around photography. Jessie went on to do some interning at AM photography and Brian was her second shooter. After  college Jessie went on to do Senior photography at Woodard Photographic until 2007 when they had their first son Gavin. That`s when they took the big plunge to use everything they had to open their dream Adjoin Photo. The name came from the thought Adjoining two things together like people with their memories. Jessie and Brian are also members of Professional Photographers of Ohio and the BG Photo Group where they never stop continuing their education. Time went on and Adjoin Photo started doing a wonderful wedding business but Jessie and Brian wanted to have a Studio to call home so that is what they did (literally lol) In 2012 they found a house in Elmore`s Historic Downtown location with an apartment upstairs to turn into a beautiful studio and a year later had Braxton.  

We have set out on this journey to: Adjoin people with their precious memories professionally and afford-ably. 

Thank you for learning a little bit about us and why we do what we do. We LOVE our customers and have met so many wonderful people on our journey!

Jessie, Brian, Gavin & Braxton

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